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At the center of it, however, is the tragedy of a marriage wrecked by Anthony Weiner's addiction to sending sexually-charged messages and pictures to women - and a teenage girl - who he never actually met.
In return for the security and protection and social approbation the husband provided, the wife provided sex and children and management of the household. If the man was wealthy and the woman beautiful and charming, so much the better.
In fact Abedin, 40, was already separated from Weiner, 52, by the time the FBI moved in, as she had announced the end of their marriage in August, when he was hit by another sexting scandal.
But it was less than a year later that Weiner became an international laughing stock thanks to that same technology.
Smart women made sure not to get pregnant before marriage, and the best way to ensure that was not to have sex. From earliest history right through the 1950s, there was therefore a transactional element to marriage.
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