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Within the sexdate experience Free milf sites first tranche, Polyus will sell 300,000 ounces of gold annually during the first three years of the programme, whereas in the fourth and the last year the company will sell as much as 900,000 ounces.Currently, Nordgold is implementing two development projects: one is Gross in Yakutia (requiring 300 million in capex and awaiting the decision to be launched after the company will obtain a construction permit depending on market conditions) and the other is Bouly in Burkina Faso (wh.In this case, on the backdrop of volatility in gold prices the logic of Polyus was to provide a steady cash flow to implement its main investment project, the Natalka Gold Field, one of the largest idling gold deposits in the world having a reserve.Gold miners seek hedge contracts only in an emergency, including due to that industry players repeatedly ran into negative effects of this measure in the past. Long-term hedging, which was beneficial during record price slumps, results in losses in periods of price recovery.News follows over a million topics and pulls relevant stories based on your specific interests that can be easily shared or saved for later without compromising your privacy.By the spread of this practice, which can be safely regarded as crisis management, one can judge the situation in the gold market - the higher the proportion of hedges, the more unenviable are the prospects of gold in the opinion of market players, taking.Petropavlovsk was prudent to enter into the first contract in February 2013, after a long break, putting in about 47 of annual production (399,000 ounces) at an average price of 1,663 per ounce. It was in February of 2013 that gold peaked and started to.Such opportunities are there and we think of them, but so far there is nothing specific about it he said. We should note that the "short-term" hedging for three quarters, in the version of Nikolai Zelenski, does not differ much from the last year's hedge.