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On October 1, a new no-smoking policy was adopted by the railways and to cushion the blow, there were Nicorette gum packets on every, along with literature and a note explaining the change. As the train got further into Tirol, the mountainsides became steeper and.
Inside the Jesuit University in Graz. photo by Max Hartshorne. Graz is located in the middle of the country, in Styria. About 40,000 of these residents are students, who study at six universities here in this Southern Austrian city.
But I just didnt want to be caught without any euros as the rest of my trip unfolded, remembering so many times when I would wait and then be stuck with no money and begging my fellow travelers for change.
Hotel Daniel, a 101-room boutique hotel with a sense of humor. In the lobby as you check in, is a coffee bar, so you can order latte with your 59 e smart room. The hotel features free Wireless throughout the building, snack vending machines so.
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Called tesserfluggel. (see landsmark website) There is a consciousness about the environment and about supporting local agriculture here that we could see when we ventured out early to the local farmers market who set up starting at four am behind the citys opera house.
Europes Cultural Capital. Among these are: A man-made island in the sparkling river Mur, where you can sip a latte, eat in a fine restaurant, or just cross from one side to the other. A glass-enclosed elevator located next to a tall statue of the.
Just under 300,000 people live in Graz which is the second biggest city in Austria. To get to Austrias capital city of Vienna you drive eastwards along the.
Grand Hotel or Boutique Daniel In Graz there are some excellent choices for hotels, from the Grand Hotel Wiesler, a five star, (doubles 280E) to the Hotel Weitzler where we stayed, in a room overlooking the rushing river Mur.
In room Internet is available with a LAN, at the Wiesler, WiFi is available for an additional cost. The farmers market in Graz, starts every day at 7 am. photo: Max Hartshorne. Down on the other end of the boulevard is the.
The Kunsthaus Graz: Its not a potato. Graz Austria: Whimsical Humor and Green Ideals. By Max Hartshorne, GoNOMAD Editor It is not a potato, said Klaus, our tour guide at the. Kunsthaus Graz, the citys most famous building, that indeed, does look like a giant.
Its just a bubble, he said, somewhat curtly. The building is among the most spectacular Ive ever seen, otherworldly in its almost human shape. It is a symbol of. Graz, Austrias second largest city and capital of the agrarian region of Styria, two and a.