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The New Life in Europe At first I was really excited that Josh would be living in Europe.  I could imagine the emails wed send each other 20 euro flights to Gdansk this weekend!  Lets go!I walk past five in the ten minutes it takes me to get from the train station to her office. Their garish hoardings look strikingly out of place in the pretty cobbled streets. Britz, 55, sips tea from a china cup as she recounts stories.Theyre in high spirits about the opening of the new Paradise in April. Saarbrücken is a small city of 180,000 inhabitants that happens to be just five kilometres from the French border. Its about an hours drive from the European Parliament in Strasbourg.You are here: Home / Destinations / Europe / Germany / Augsburg / An Offbeat Wedding in Augsburg, Germany 30 If youre 26 or younger, Ive got news for you: 27 is a scary age.Its now estimated to be 15 billion euros. Prostitution was legalised for the government to make a lot of money, Beretin says, strolling past a woman in a lime green lycra shrug (and nothing else) while another woman, nude except for black hold-up stockings, leans.Josh and I are still partying up around the world but not as often, as hard, or as irresponsibly and weve found partners we want to bring along for the ride. This life is the right one, indeed.